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I woke up in the middle of the night with the words I wrote below, and I'm no writer!

I just could not get this out of my mind and had to  pen these thoughts.

(Great thanks to my Friend, DB (pic above),  for His inspiration in my Life!)

“If it Could only be Me”

by Michael Bourg

Written 3/24/2018

I wake up in the morning and begin another day,

Always hoping for a change to visit me in some kind of special way.

I know you can feel me and I know you can relate,

But my patience is always lacking and its getting harder to wait.

It begins in the morning as I drive down that same road,

There’s that familiar place in my mind I always seem to go.

Can my life be better, if I change the way I live?

I’m gettin' tired of being selfish, maybe it’s time to give.

Many times I wonder, do others feel the same?

I can’t be the only one who wants to play a different game.

I guess we all struggle in so many different ways,

Always searching for that Hope, maybe we just need to pray.

I try that sometimes, in hopes a great audible voice is what I will hear,

Then I will know what to do, and my purpose will become crystal clear.

It ain't going to happen that way in this world where we live,

He has a different way to teach me how to give.

I don’t think we’re alone and I know we ain't in charge,

We just need some guidance to live our life out large.


Do you hear what I am driving at, do you know what I'm saying?

I feel like I have tried it all, even a little praying.

Am I all alone in this dream to share some kindness to another?

Lets keep it real, they are all our sisters and brothers.

Where should I start and what should I do?

I got to do something, cause it seems the workers are few.

I could share my money, is that my way out?

But I hear a quiet voice inside, or maybe its a Shout!

I’m gonna climb toward a higher place, and this is how I start,

I going to give to another, and always follow my Heart.

Now I am ready to see that small door open wide,

There is no more fear in my heart, and no place it can hide.

Now I have made the choice to run the important race,

I am no longer the same, I have found a better place.

Now I’m ready, for that tug on my Heart today,

This is pretty cool, cause 2 lives will be changed, in a mighty and forever way!

It took a lot of searching, but now I see the needs,

I’ll be ready tomorrow morning, cause I know it has to be me!

We can no longer wait, or hold this gift in,

Let’s get this thing going, and allow the giving to begin.

I’m going to end this story, as simple as I can,

Just reach out to another, and join the Creators Plan.

Will it be You?